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"School was very well run
and kids had fun at the same
time. A Class Act."

"We have been very impressed
with this school and in
particular the personal
approach taken by yourself
and staff to follow-up with the

"Instructors displayed an
obvious wealth of knowledge
both technical and practical."

"Instructors were very
knowledgeable and interacted
well with the kids."

"Instructors certainly did
wonders for our son's
confidence and he had a ball."

"Level of supervision was great.
We watched closely the first
day as our son is only Novice
age and we quickly found all
your instructors were great,
just like mother hens."

"Great mix of senior instructors
combined with younger major
junior instructors."

"Super job of supervision on
and off-ice."

Expressively Yours Greetings Hockey Guest Book

Expressively Yours Greetings

"I found improvement within
the first hour of instruction.
That was impressive."

"Your Spring School worked
wonders for our child. The
power skating with Marie
, followed by puck handling
and shooting was so focused
on individual skills.
We are amazed with its
impact on our son."

"Instructors were friendly and
encouraging in their remarks
and were able to correct
errors very well."

"Strong balance between skill,
instruction, fun and keeping
interest of kids on track."

"School was very well
organized administratively
as well as on the ice."

"Very impressed with your
school. The instructor to child
ratio was great. Very well
organized. I extend to you my
congratulations on a school
well done! Would recommend
to others. Good job."

Expressively Yours Greetings Hockey Guest Book

Expressively Yours Greetings

Halifax Spring Specialty Hockey School (all ages)
May 6 – 14 ............. Power Skating
May 14 – 24 ........... Puckhandling/Shooting

Halifax Defenceman Hockey School (all ages)
July 24 – July 28

Halifax Bantam/Midget High-Performance Elite Hockey School
July 24 – July 28

Halifax Goaltenders Hockey School (all ages)
July 24 – July 28

Halifax Power Skating Hockey School (all ages)
August 7 – August 11

Bedford Hockey School (all ages)
August 28 – September 1

Halifax Pre-Season Hockey School (all ages)
September 2 – September 4

Christmas Break Hockey School
Halifax Forum/Civic Complex
December 21 & 22

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