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"School was very well run
and kids had fun at the same
time. A Class Act."

"We have been very impressed
with this school and in
particular the personal
approach taken by yourself
and staff to follow-up with the

"Instructors displayed an
obvious wealth of knowledge
both technical and practical."

"Instructors were very
knowledgeable and interacted
well with the kids."

"Instructors certainly did
wonders for our son's
confidence and he had a ball."

"Level of supervision was great.
We watched closely the first
day as our son is only Novice
age and we quickly found all
your instructors were great,
just like mother hens."

"Great mix of senior instructors
combined with younger major
junior instructors."

"Super job of supervision on
and off-ice."

Expressively Yours Greetings Hockey Guest Book

Expressively Yours Greetings


"Systems side of instruction
was outstanding as the kids
could easily relate drills to
game situations."

"School addressed systems
side of game very well while
still paying good attention to
the basic skills."

"Strong balance between skill,
instruction, fun and keeping
interest of kids on track."

"School was very well
organized administratively
as well as on the ice."

"Very impressed with your
school. The instructor to child
ratio was great. Very well
organized. I extend to you my
congratulations on a school
well done! Would recommend
to others. Good job."

Expressively Yours Greetings Hockey Guest Book

Expressively Yours Greetings

Private Schools/Other Services

Private Schools

Our broad experience across all age and skill levels now enables us in 2017 to offer a customized experience for specific age groups. If you have a group of kids in the same age group and would like a school tailor-made to their needs, contact us and we will design a proposal for you.

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Hockey Clinics

We offer clinics on all aspects of hockey at both the team and Association level. You help us define your requirements. We design a clinic to fit them.

A trademark of our work with your team or Association is the care we take to involve your coaches.

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Close involvement ensures a knowledge gain for your coaches. It helps us better understand specific problems they may have. Respectful input from an outside party will often help a coach revitalize a team's chemistry.

Some of the specialized clinics we offer are:

Skating clinics focus on acceleration, agility, balance, maneuverability, speed, and strength.

Shooting clinics include work on wrist, snap, slap, and backhand shots. The focus is on power, accuracy, quick release, shooting in motion, one-timers, deking, and positioning.

Puck Handling clinics focus on stick handling, puck control at high speed, puck protection, passing, one on one play, deking, and corner play in offensive and defensive situations.

Checking clinics focus on both receiving and giving a check with particular attention on the player having balanced position. These sessions will also cover stick checks, proper use of stick to control your man, one on one situations, angling, delaying, containment, and pinning.

Goaltenders clinics focus on the basics of goaltending. We pay particular attention to experience level and tailor drills that present an appropriate challenge for each individual. Young goaltenders need more attention than they usually receive and we pride ourselves on the programs we have assembled for them.

Tactics clinics focus on the elements of team play: breakouts, defensive zone coverage, offensive attack, cycling in the offensive zone, power play, penalty killing, checking.

Coaching clinics focus on motivational and teaching skills. They include both on and off ice sessions and are customized to meet the needs of specific Associations.

Hockey Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to hockey organizations on:

  • structure
  • procedures
  • guidelines/specific job responsibilities
  • program development
  • player development
  • coaches training
  • all programs under "Hockey Clinics" above also available

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If your Association is asking these questions:

  • are we a new Association that needs a sound organizational structure?
  • is our organization meeting the needs of today's players and coaches?
  • does our organization have a weak link or need an organizational review?

We can help you find the answers.

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