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"The hockey school was very well run. The talk around town was very positive with many disappointed that they hadn't registered."

"I found improvement within the first hour of instruction. That was impressive."

"Instructors displayed an obvious wealth of knowledge both technical and practical."

"Instructors were very knowledgeable and interacted well with the kids."

Membertou Hockey School
July 15 – 19, 2019
Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

To maximize individual attention, every group will be limited to 24 players and 3 goaltenders.

This school is open to boys and girls from ages 6 – 14. It consists of four separate schools divided by age group. Note IP2 kids are eligible for Novice.

Novice, Atom, and PeeWee/Bantam. Each group will have 12.5 hours on-ice time, spread over 5 days. There will be one structured Off-ice session for each age group daily. An excellent instructor to player ratio will be maintained in all sessions.

The school will focus on the basic skills of skating, puckhandling, passing and shooting. In addition, the school is designed to stress the individual fundamental skills and systems-related aspects critical for a player to become an accomplished Defenceman, Forward, or Goaltender. Separate defence, forward and goaltender drills will be conducted for each age group. At times, defencemen, forwards, and goaltenders will work apart and at times together.

detailed schedule
Atom detailed schedule
PeeWee/Bantam detailed schedule

On-ice time: 12.5 hours.
Off-ice time: 1 session daily
Cost: $430.
Cost for Goaltenders: $245.
($175. for Goalies that do Goalie only school)
(see Special Fee Discounts for Multiple School, Family or Group Discounts)

Bantam/Midget High-Performance Elite School is for competitive Bantam and Midget/High School players. There are on-ice sessions only and they will be high intensity with many game situational drills. Sessions are planned for late afternoon to avoid conflicts with other evening sports.

On-ice time: 7.5 hours.
Cost: $250.
Cost for Goaltenders: $170.
(see Special Fee Discounts for Multiple School, Family or Group Discounts) Bantam/Midget/High School High-Performance detailed schedule

Bantam/Midget/High School High Performance detailed schedule

Thank you for your interest in our Membertou Hockey School

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