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"Our son has been to several hockey schools over the last 3-4 years and by comparison the Tom Duffey Hockey School was by far the best."

"I brought my sons up to the Tom Duffey hockey school in Halifax from Virginia, USA. Both the regular hockey school and the goaltender specialty schools were excellent. The kids had fun, improved in all areas and increased their confidence immensely. Tom runs a superb probramme which we will continue to travel to attend each year."

"Very impressed with your school. The instructor to child ratio was great. Very well organized. I extend to you my congratulations on a school well done! Would recommend to others. Good job."


Christmas Break Hockey School Schedules
January 1 & 2, 2018

Novice Power Skating  
Jan 112:00 - 1:30pmCivic Arena
Jan 212:00 - 1:30pmCivic Arena
Atom Power Skating  
Jan 11:30 - 3:00pmCivic Arena
Jan 21:30 - 3:00pmCivic Arena
PeeWee/Bantam Power Skating  
Jan 13:00 - 4:30pmCivic Arena
Jan 23:00 - 4:30pmCivic Arena
Novice Puckhandling/Shooting  
Jan 12:00 - 3:30pmHalifax Forum
Jan 22:00 - 3:30pmHalifax Forum
Atom Puckhandling/Shooting  
Jan 13:30 - 5:00pmHalifax Forum
Jan 23:30 - 5:00pmHalifax Forum
PeeWee/Bantam Puck Handling/Shooting  
Jan 112:30 - 2:00pmHalifax Forum
Jan 212:30 - 2:00pmHalifax Forum
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